Fifty Shades Darker


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 9%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 52%
IMDb Rating 4.6 10 71610


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Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele
Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey
Rita Ora as Mia Grey
Marcia Gay Harden as Grace Trevelyan Grey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Zuma Ondeki 7 / 10

Really!! Such bad reviews? Come on its not all that bad.

My wife and I only just got to watch 50 Shades Darker tonight and yes its possibly not Oscar winning material however we did enjoy it for its entertainment value. The " Control Power" of Christens character is not as forceful as in the first story which balances both of the characters for this particular story,for the ladies there is a Love story and for everyone a modest amout of Erotica in my opinion. I dont understand why this film attracted so many bad ratings,We gave it a 7/10 because it deserves better than the current 4.6 - some people dont look deep enough into the story. As a point of interest my wife and I are both 72 years old and def not exponents of BDSM just in case any one was wondering.

Reviewed by chitis32 2 / 10

I would rather watch paint dry

I tried. I started the movie, sat down comfortably and did not even go halfway through when I had to stop it and go watch and actual good movie.


The source material was pretty terrible as well. However, casting was the worst. Zero chemistry.

Reviewed by coburnlizaitis 1 / 10

I just don't understand.

Firstly, I just cannot even begin to comprehend what I just had to sit and watch. May I point out I did not view this by choice, but due to my girlfriend wanting to watch this.

Just a brief overview of this film, I have seen better acting in Eastenders from Ian Bill. I have seen more intense sex scenes in American Pie and a better storyline in Disaster Movie.

Christian, you are a melt and a wet bag.

Anastasia however your crusty name is spelt, you are a fragile donkey WHO NEEDS TO SHAVE THAT VERMIN OF A BUSH.

I just for the life of me cannot understand how a film can be so bad that it has actually made me so mad to the point I have made an IMDB account to review this. This film is the most pointless, dumbest and poorly directed film I think I have ever come across. I just cannot even understand how or why this film got made.

Also Rita Ora I understand why you are in this film. It suits you perfectly.

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