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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by videorama-759-859391 8 / 10

Blue jean action, in a shakedown city, a must see

Oh how I love a Glickenhaus flick, good or bad. He's like the Brian Trenchard Smith of America. Here, he excels again with another addictive flick. A black ex con, has been set up for the killing of a drug dealer, by a bad apple cop- a blue jean cop, though I really didn't stop to note it's meaning as I too wrapped up in the film, to really care. Slick lawyer (Weller) who's just such a watchable actor, teams up with a reckless aging cop (Elliott) who lives basically out of a cinema, to shut this bad cop down, where Elliott does his thing out there on the streets and Weller does his slick show in a courtroom, where these two contrasts blend well. Rebellious Elliott provides some of the electric thrills, if sending a roller coaster train, hurtling over the edge, or hanging off a lear jet forcing it back down, where it explodes immediately on landing. These are memorable moments, especially the jet one. Glickenhaus has a flair for action, and stunts, producing great addictive popcorn flicks, like Mark L Lester who indeed who's made his share. It's Weller's presence, that adds half the magic to the film, that came and went at the cinema, on about the same time as Elliott's other film, the Swayze, actioner, Roadhouse. Of course people will frown upon it, where others will find it forgettable. It's a pity, as this low key, 89 action pic, is one of those that deserves more attention, where Elliott's character should draw more attention to his hygiene.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10

Violent film about police corruption and trials , being starred by two good actors

In a town where everyone is for sale , they're the best that money can buy . A legal attorney (Peter Weller) and a renegade cop (Sam Elliot) join forces to stop corrupt cops and against street scum . The overworked lawyer and the undercover cop team up but find serious difficulties from other corrupt police inspectors (Thomas G Waites) , a drug lord (Antonio Fargas) , dope dealers , and various street scum . Dalton's life is further complicated by the fact that his girlfriend (Blanche Baker) is pregnant and the prosecuting attorney (Patricia Charbonneau) is a prior lover ; then taking place the classic triangular drama .

This thriller movie contains suspense , noisy action-packed with no much sense , intrigue, and thrills galore . It's a brutal and controversial urban film plenty of car crashes , pursuits , trials , police corruption and many other things . Sam Elliot with his usual stoic acting displays efficiently his weapon , Magnum 44 , such as ¨Harry the Dirty¨ and killing mercilessly nasties . It's certainly exciting , though the morality may be questionable , even in this time, as the spectators were clearly on the Sam Elliott side . The movie provides fast and furious entertainment and action with no sense developing with agility , fast paced and movement . This thrilling story looks increasingly passionless and mechanical , though violence sometimes seems to be considered excessive . Nice acting by Sam Elliot as a renegade loner NYPD narcotics agent and Peter Weller as an obstinate advocate at law . Furthermore, it appears a great secondary cast full of known faces with brief interventions , such as Thomas G Waites , Paul Bartel as Night Court Judge , James Eckhouse , Holt McCallany , Kelly Rutherford , David Proval ,John Finn , William Prince , Harold Perrineau ,Shirley Stoler and John C. McGinley . Mediocre cinematography by John Lindley , though he subsequently photographed Field of dreams , You've a [email protected] (1998) , Pleasantville , Mr Brooks and other hits . Screeching and pulsing musical score by Jonathan Elias .

This moving motion picture in low budget was middlingly directed by James Glickenhaus , being born in New York City where he usually shoots his movies . Glickenhaus served as the chairman for the film company SGE Entertainment from 1987 to 1995; this company specialized in both making and distributing low-budget independent straight-to-video fare. He's an expert on violent action movies and so-so films as proved in ¨McBain¨, ¨The soldier¨ and this ¨Shakedown¨ . He's also directed a Jacke Chan vehicle titled ¨The protector¨ , the eerie thriller "Slaughter of the Innocents," and the attractive sci-fi romp "Timemaster¨ and of course the extremely violent , low-budgeted and successful 1980 movie , ¨The exterminator¨ , a cruel Vigilante drama . And James was the executive producer for the movies "Maniac Cop," "Frankenhooker," both "Basket Case" sequels, "Ring of Steel," and "Tough and Deadly" . Rating : Average , 5,5/10 but entertaining .

Reviewed by Comeuppance Reviews 7 / 10

Shakedown is well worth seeking out.

When drug dealer Michael Jones (Brooks) shoots a corrupt cop in New York's Central Park one night, it falls on idealistic, Jimi Hendrix-loving attorney Roland Dalton (Weller) to defend him. But things get far more complicated when Dalton must team up with an undercover, unorthodox cop, Richie Marks (Elliott) to get to the truth behind all the corrupt cops, drug dealers, thugs and goons. And in a plot device later used, interestingly enough, in Night Of The Wilding (1990), the prosecutor on the Jones case is Roland's former girlfriend.

What's great about Shakedown is that it is not mindless. It has real characters in realistic settings. You grow to appreciate both Dalton and Marks. It's a legal drama but it is filled with action as well - the legal side represented by Peter Weller and the action side by Sam Elliott, who should have appeared in more movies like this. Weller makes plenty of funny faces along with his more normal interpretation of Dalton, the baby boomer attorney. Another name, Antonio Fargas shows up, but the fairly fast pace doesn't allow for him to stay around long. Richard Brooks would later be on the other side of the law on Law & Order.

Another noteworthy aspect of this movie is its excellent New York City locations. A lot of scenes were filmed on the famed 42nd street, right before the city was cleaned up. There are plenty of movie marquees on show, everything from X-rated material to movies like The Hidden (1987) and Fatal Beauty, 1987 (also starring Elliott). You can see the famous Lyric theater, among others. As part of Marks' undercover work, he hides out in a theater watching the Glickenhaus movie The Soldier, 1982 (which you can also see posters for in the lobby). It's great to see all this stuff. We're very glad it was preserved here, intentionally or not.

The seamy, New York, 80's atmosphere, along with the quality stunts, largely good acting combined with a story about adults (no stupid kids are involved) puts Shakedown way above the pack.

Featuring the tune "Lookin' For Love" by Nikki Ryder, Shakedown is well worth seeking out.

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