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Makita Belt Sander

Get the Job Done Faster and Smoother with the Makita 9903 3 x 21 Belt Sander - Perfect for DIY and Professional Projects!

- Easy Belt Changes: The Makita 9903 3 x 21 Belt Sander has a quick-release belt system that allows for easy and fast belt changes. This means you can quickly switch between sanding belts of different grits to achieve the desired finish.
- Dust Collection System: This belt sander comes with a highly efficient dust collection system that captures most of the dust generated during sanding. This not only keeps your work area clean but also helps to prolong the life of the sander by reducing the amount of dust that ente

The Makita 9903 3 x 21 Belt Sander is a powerful and versatile tool designed for professional and DIY use. With a 7.8-amp motor, this belt sander delivers a speed of up to 1,440 feet per minute, making it ideal for sanding large surfaces quickly and efficiently. The sander features a unique design that allows for flush sanding against walls and vertical surfaces, making it perfect for sanding floors, decks, and other large projects. The dust collection system is highly efficient, keeping your work area clean and reducing the risk of respiratory problems. The sander is also equipped with an auto-tracking belt system that ensures the belt stays centered during use, reducing wear and tear on the machine. Overall, the Makita 9903 3 x 21 Belt Sander is a reliable and powerful tool that is sure to make your sanding projects a breeze.